Anne Runehov, Associate Prof., Doctor of Theology, Philosophy of Religion

For the time being, I am a guest researcher at the department of Systematic Theology at the Copenhagen University. But I also work as an independent philosopher consultant and public speaker.

I became Associate Professor in Philosophy of Religion at the Faculty of Theology, Uppsala University, 2011. I earned my doctoral degree in theology, philosophy of religion at the same university, 2004. My master degree in analytical philosophy, major philosophy of mind was earned at the Uppsala/Stockholm Universities. 

Awards and Honorable Recognitions

2006 I received the ESSSAT Research Prize for my book Sacred or Neural? ESSSAT stands for the European Society for the Studies of Science and Religion. For more information, see

2013 I was nominated as a member of the honorable society: ISSR, the International Society of Science and Religion. See

Academic work


See publications, research, teaching, books and CV. However, one accomplishemnt should perhaps be mentioned here, The encyclopedia of Sciences and Religions, which is a four volumed encyclopedia covering a large variety of academic disciplines and religious traditions. The encyclopedia was published 2013 and is available in a printed as well as in an electronic version. Research is, however, not something that is static, hence, this reference work will be updated on regular basis. The updates will be directly accesable via the ereference version. For a quick overview of the topics, see 



Public lectures and workshops


I am well familiar with public performances, both in Sweden and abroad, and hence both in Swedish and in English.


Topic suggestions

  1. Vad är fundamentalism? Om religiöst och vetenskapligt fundamentalism. (About religious vs. scientific fundamentalism)

  2. Vad tror du på och varför? Vilka mekanismer styr våra trosuppfattningar, religiösa, ideella som politiska? (Why do you belief what you belief, about the underpinning mechanisms of our beliefs, regardless of whether these are religious, political or ideological).

  3. Finns "jaget"? Vem är det som formar våra tankar, förhoppningar och rädslor, som verkar "vaka" över oss? (Is there a "self"? Who or what forms our thoughts, hopes and fears, who or what seems to be watching over us?)  

  4. Hur mänskligt kan en robott bli? (Robots and cyborgs, how human can they become?)

  5. Är Gud ett spöke i hjärnan? (Is God a ghost in the brain?)

  6. Vad kan nära-döden upplevelser berätta för oss? (What can near-death experiences tell us?)

  7. Har människan unika egenskaper som andra djur inte har och vilka skulle dessa vara i så fall? (Are there traits unique for the human race and what could these be?)

  8. Hur fri är vår vilja? (How free is our will?)

  9. Neuroteologi, vad menar men då? (Neurotheology, what does this mean?)






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Nordic Society for Philosophy of Religion, Reykjavik, June 26-28, 2009